Voltage Readings (operating health indicators)

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Voltage Readings (operating health indicators)

A quick check of available voltage at an automotive battery would show you around 12.6v. No need for a graph to show a static number. However, if checking to see how much voltage signal is being returned from a throttle position sensor (TPS), a graph would be quite helpful. This voltage signal would likely travel upward vertically from 0vdc to 5vdc as the pedal is depressed to the floor and back downward as the pedal is released. This graph should look like a smooth sloped mountain. Up one side and down the other. If you held the pedal down longer, the mountain would get wider and wider and only as tall as the maximum voltage of the signal. Essentially, this full throttle signal would flatten out and be more of a plateau. Hence the phrase, “plateaued” or reached a level of no more growth or change. If there was an issue with the TPS, there would be a jagged area of that smooth accent and again on the descent. That jagged area couldn’t be seen with a numerical DMM as the numbers would be climbing in increments that wouldn’t show the deviation from the norm. The voltage expressed as a line over time, related to what you know is happening live on the vehicle and in your immediate envionrment would show the deviation and alert the technician to an issue. Voltage in the environment of an automobile is not as complicated as some make it out to be, but there are many insights to learn. So although the N2 will help you to read voltages and map them out in the sense that you can see their operating status, you will still need to know what you are looking at, which is why this is the first posts where we will mention that the N2 is going to be including learning materials, not just on how to use the tool, but on how to become better at what you do. More information to come soon :-)  Learn more about the N2 Neuron by Curien and how you can begin your journey with data intelligence today.  #N2 #DataIntelligence #MoreThanDiagnostics #Graphingisjustthestart #DataIntel #automotive #automotiveaftermarket #Medco #ISN #Snapon #matco #mactools #cornwell #mobiledealer #tooltrucks #tooltruck #shippingnow #thereisadifference #Curien 

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