Amperage Readings (Amps)

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Amperage Readings (Amps) are the measurement of amperes (the strength of an electrical current) flowing in the circuit. Without trying to get too far down the rabbit hole of visualizations, imagine that current would be the amount of ft. lbs of torque that your impact wrench is needing to putout to break a bolt free from its current position. If it takes all 1800 lbs of nut busting torque to set that bolt free, the amps are the foot lbs in this example (1800), if it only took 400 ft. lbs, then those 400 are the amps, it just took less amps or ft lbs (in this example) to get that bolt moving…. Amps are the driving force behind the electrical value known as Volts… in the case of an electric motor, amps are the “pushing force” that are needed to turn that electric motor… initially pushing a completely stopped motor will take more amps (known as inrush), then eventually once those amps get that motor spinning there are less required to keep it moving so that value is known as (operating amperage).

Every electrical component on a vehicle has a known good voltage and operating spectrum for inrush and operation. Being able to see the amps value on a standard meter is great (especially with min and max functionalities enabled), but being able to see the rise and drop as well as the live status of the amperage flow of a circuit or component gives you a true and literal picture of its operating health and status. Amperage measurements are also key to understanding battery drain and finding drivability issues. By utilizing the N2 with an amp clamp at the battery terminal it is possible to watch and dive into a whole deeper level of the use of amperes as the vehicle is in operation. Amperage testing is essential, just like you are in all automotive testing today, especially when visually displayed in such a way the allows for the analysis of of inrush, operational values and time to create the ability to see the true health of a circuit and or component. Learn more about the N2 Neuron by Curien and how you can begin your journey with data intelligence today. 

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