Industry's first compact 2 channel Graphing Multimeter 

See More. Do More. Know More.

graphing live readings

Graphing single or both channels simultaneously allows you to see, understand and compare waveforms, signal spikes or signal dropouts without needing to spend extra time setting up a major equipment saving you time and money

spot dropouts and spikes with ease

2 channel testing gives you a deeper understanding

With a voltmeter per channel you can use Amp Clamps/shunts and Transducers (Pressure, temp, etc...) to see relationships in real time and how they interact. i.e. Amperage and Voltage Draw at the battery or component shows you its health.

Vehicle Battery Testing for Voltage Draw, Parasitic Draw, amperage draw, Graphing Multimeter, Automotive Multimeter, Measure CMK, Measure CKP, Measure MAF, Measure MAP, Measure Wheel Speed Sensor
verify vehicle pid to actual voltages and resistance. The N2 Neuron is testing the pid against what the computer sees

Verify Pids and health on the road or in the bay with data logging and 100' wireless connectivity

The First Step in a Revolution

The N2 is the first step in a series of products, mobile applications and integrations aimed at giving you more insights to what you are looking at.

meter communication with central data gathering system to anonymize and return data values and instructions
free software updates multimeter, oscilloscope, graphing meter, graphing multimeter, firmware updates, software update, improved functionality with time

software and firmware updatable over the air so that the tool will grow with your capabilities