Resistance Measurements

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Testing for resistance or Ohms in a vehicle’s circuit is meant to do one of 2 things, the first is to verify expected resistance measurements or 2 identify if there are resistance measurements where there are not supposed to be. Depending on the type of circuit and operational health of that circuit an ohm measurement can be variable (Thermistors, etc...), non existent (or very very low) or visible but not expected. With the ability to give live readouts and graph resistance measurements you are able to see the resistance value of a circuit or component immediately (live) and in its past in relationship to time. Although this seems obvious, it has the advantage of allowing your mind to connect what is happening in the circuit to what is happening in that circuit. For example, if we are looking at a resistance measurement on a component (fuel gauge sender for example) as it is in operation, we should see an intentional and consistent rise or fall of the values overtime dependent on the fuel level (or in the case of a test, moving the fuel gauge float up and down). If during the testing (gradual swinging of the arm up and down) we see spikes, or dropouts in the value that are not inline with the upward or downward swing of the arm then we can confirm the operational health or functionality of the component (Either good or Bad). Resistance testing is essential in today’s automotive world, being able to see the resistance values as compared to time as they are being measured is invaluable. Learn more about the N2 Neuron by Curien and how you can begin your journey with data intelligence today. #N2 #DataIntelligence#MoreThanDiagnostics #Graphingisjustthestart #DataIntel#automotive #automotiveaftermarket #Medco #ISN #Snapon #matco#mactools #cornwell #mobiledealer #tooltrucks #tooltruck#shippingnow #thereisadifference #Curien #SEMA2020 #SEMAYEN#SEMALAUNCHPAD2020 #SEMALAUNCHPAD

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