Curien has released the N2

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July 31, 2020

For immediate release:

Curien has released the N2 – Neuron, the industry’ first compact 2-channel graphing Bluetooth measurement system with iOS, Android and Windows applications. N2 and its app empowers freedom of movement while testing electrical, temperature and other systems. The integration of the N2 measurement system with data interpretation and intelligence software not only enhances the diagnosis of most electrical circuit problems but also provides training, community and help forums to increase the user’s capabilities and hone their skills. The composite rubberized body is resilient and built for shop life. The compact size allows for access to tight areas and road tests. The onboard 24-bit processor allows for 2 streams of measurements to be simultaneously processed and transmitted at high resolutions resulting in deeper insights to the systems being tested. The 2 onboard voltmeters allow for standard measurements (volts, ohms and amps) to be taken and compared with measurements from clamps and other transducers to provide relational data and a bigger picture to the problems at hand.

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