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The rules are simple, Sign up here and be entered to win A Month’ Supply of All Natural Beef Brisket Jerky by Bulk & The 6 Pack of Peggy Friction Socket Holders:

  • Mechanic’s Time Savers Friction Peg Socket Holders (Green)
    • 1/4" Metric Green - PSH25M-GRN
    • 1/4" SAE Green - PSH25S-GRN
    • 3/8" Metric Green - PSH38M-GRN
    • 3/8" SAE Green - PSH38S-GRN
    • 1/2" Metric Green - PSH50M-GRN
    • 1/2" SAE Green - PSH50S-GRN
  • Bulk Beef Jerky Texas & Brisket Style provided by Curien


For more information about both companies visit:

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