N2 - Neuron Specification Table

 Specifications for N2 - Neuron 

Neuron Specification Table As of 05/01/2020
Voltage Radio:
Up to 600V, DC or peak AC Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy
Up to 420VAC RMS sinusoidal  
Better than 0.5% accuracy DC Wireless Range
Better than 1.0% accuracy AC for harmonic content below 1kHz The wireless range has been tested empirically through the following media to an iPhone 5.
>10 Megaohm input impedance  
  50m air, line of sight
High Precision Voltage: 5cm of refrigerator, door closed
Up to 100mV with <15nV per count resolution Engine compartment to the passenger seat of most vehicles
Up to 1.2V with <200nV per count resolution 10m air + safety shield of a Tesla Coil rock-bands testing facility
>10 Megaohm input impedance  
If used outside of the measurement range (0-1.2V), the overvoltage protection circuit will short this to the common (“C”) input. Applications
Current, Internal Simultaneous high-speed sampling of voltage and current gives the following power measurements:
Up to 10 Amps  
20 µV / mA burden voltage (using factory fuse) True Power
Less than 5 µA per count in 10 Amp scale Reactive, Complex, Apparent Power
Better than 1% accuracy Power Factor
  Total Harmonic Distortion
Resistance Phase Lead or Lag
Better than 1% accuracy over 20 Ohms –  20 Megaohms  
Frequency Measure the supply sag under load to estimate:
Better than 1% accuracy up to 1kHz  
  Supply or Battery equivalent resistance
Diodes Battery State of Health
Up to 1V @ 100nA  
  Current Measurement, External Shunt
Sampling Measure thousands of amps with sub-milliohm shunts
8kHz dual simultaneous sampling Measure precision currents with large shunts
4kHz analog bandwidth for most measurements Use the existing wiring for “quick’n’dirty” measurements
24-bit resolution max Use 1′ of 10AWG for 12µA per count resolution, up to several times the wires ampacity.
>18 Effective bits at 125 samples per second  
On Board Storage – SD Card External Thermistors
MicroSD Card Steinhart-Hart or Beta parameterized
Up to 32GB External Thermocouples
More than a week of constant logging two channels at 8kHz
SD or SDHC (not SDXC)