N2 - Neuron

Features & Benefits

  • Volts, Ohms & Amps Measurements to test motors, wires, components, sensors, batteries, CAN-Lines and more
  • Free App with Database & Community  For data readouts, graphing, logging, and sharing data.
  • Dual Channel Read outs (simultaneous) to see how one circuit affects another.
  • 24 Bit Resolution for more information about the circuit per sample cycle. (for Data relationship testing, great accuracy for parasitic draw testing and more)
  • Graphing & Logging for visual diagnostics and playback.
  • Community Driven App and firmware updates for continuous relevant improvements.
  • App support for multiple unit connections and readings (great for testing readings and temps from multiple areas/units in doing HVAC efficiency testing and more)
  • 6 month actual run time
  • Standard 4mm Banana Jacks
  • Accepts BNC Adapters for transducers and connectors
  • Over the air updatable firmware and app for adaptation and improvement with the future of the market and technology needs.
  • 2 Year Warranty

The N2 Neuron Dual Channel Wireless Graphing Multimeter provides electrical testing accuracy and versatility in the palm of your hand. This wireless graphing meter is built shop tough and ready to fit into any situation providing the right readings and the right measurements the first time. By wirelessly connecting to your Curien smart device or existing android or windows scan tool, or iOS device you can use the big screen you already own for real time readings, wave form analysis, graphing and logging. If a job requires you to go for a test drive, no worries! The N2 Has you covered, with up to 6 month of runtime so you can safely and confidently capture what you need, when you need it.

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