Pocket IV Hydration 101 - Fighting the FLU

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Hydration's Role in the Immune System

This article was written by our health partners at Hydration Health. Fluid in our body is like our sewer system.  It shuttles waste and toxins out of our body.  Fluid additionally carries oxygen and nutrients to tissues.  It's vital for our overall well-being to stay adequately hydrated.  

When we are sick your body requires more fluid. 

With a fever, each degree above 98.6°F [37°C] adds 2.5 mL/kg/d to insensible losses. 

Meaning a 220lb male would need to consume an additional 750 ml or 25 oz of fluid per day.


With a respiratory infection adequate hydration can decrease the viscosity of mucous, leading to a faster recovery.  

Your body loses electrolytes through sweating, urination, diarrhea, vomiting and other bodily functions.  

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In addition with our sugar-free delivery method you do not have to worry about blood sugar abnormalities or excess-sugar-feeding unfriendly bacteria in your body!  

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