May 1 2020 - N2 Update

Posted by Josh Carton on

The N2 by Curien is an automotive industry first. This bluetooth dual channel graphing full range multimeter offers unique functionality, hardware integrations and the promise of a great launch and even brighter future. The Hardware is something that is unique to the industry. The tool is a 24 bit resolution dual channel graphing meter that has an 8Khz sample rate and is able to read, AC/DC Voltage, Amperage, Resistance (Ohms) as well as temperature from an internal thermometer. Graphing meter as you may notice does not include a screen and this is for good reason. Every day we Walk around with tiny computers in our hands or pockets and have multiple large displays at our disposal, whether from our computers, our personal tablets, or our scan tools. This bluetooth meter currently operates an app that is available on iOS App Store and the Google Play store and it will provide readouts from each channel (simultaneously take measurements on volts, and ohms, amps or temperature. Beyond allowing for large readings the app allows us to graph and display readings in their live and buffered reality creating a beautiful display to see glitches and drop outs with ease.

The application for the N2 is something that will constantly be evolving. As the the feedback and user experiences continue to pour in, highly needed and desired updates will be provided to the app including functional testing assistants, comparative measurements between devices, logging and sharing of data within the built in community, interactive learning and teaching modes along with training resources and much more.

The Curien N2- Neuron Wireless Graphing Multimeter is scheduled to launch in the 3rd quarter and will bring a new a desperately needed refresh to the automotive electrical testing and diagnostic scene.


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