May 01 - N2 Testing Completed

Posted by Josh Carton on

Testing for the N2 has reached a point where all hardware and software have been successfully verified and production is ready to begin. We are now beginning to have many known and influential personalities review the hardware and software for the purposes of marketing and awareness, but we are also creating a list of future updates to go after as the tool is launched and continues to improve. If there is one thing that we are familiar with it is the continuous improvement and streamlining of what we create and seeing and taking advantage of the the future it holds. Although we have not talked a lot about the future of the product yet, the N2 is the first in a series of products and major evolutions to the automotive industry. The N2 is the launch of what we would call phase zero in our 5 phase plan to streamline and enhance the capabilities of its users in the testing of automotive and various other industrial spaces through the means of specific test applications, problem verification, machine learning and other amazing technologies. One of the fantastic technological feats of the N2 is that the firmware on the tool can be updated through the app allowing for future functionalities and improvements to be made without needed to "send it in" or buy another tool...or piece of software. We look forward to forging this journey in the new age of the automotive data intelligence industry with you.


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