May 01 - N2 Apps Launched

Posted by Josh Carton on

This update comes in a rush of past due events that should have been logged in the last few months, but alas we are here together. the iOs and Android applications for the N2 - Neuron by Curien have been complete since November of last year. Along with the Covid-19, new year and holidays the launch for these announcements have taken a back seat. As we've mentioned in other write ups and will continue to preach and live our mobile applications and hardware will be constantly updated, streamlined and made more useful and value driven for you. Although we have had "launch ready" mobile applications since last year, we have gone through 2 updates since for security and speed, but are now going through a 3rd and inevitably no where near the last update for the apps to achieve the following:

1. Improved start up speed with decreased splash screen on time.

2. A Home page where you can navigate to testing, settings or community.

3. The ability to connect to and see readings from multiple N2 units simultaneously.

4. The ability to compare readings from N2 units for either channel to channel comparisons, relationships OR variances which when applied to temperature testing can easily turn your N2's and mobile application into the hvac testing tools of choice beyond testing of electrical measurements, dropouts and glitches.

5. The ability to turn off channels on the graphing and measurement readouts pages.

We know that more changes will be needed and improved upon, beyond our larger product road map so feel free to provide feedback and comments constantly so we can hear your voice and give you what you are looking for!


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