Graphing Voltages and Ranges

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As you can see in this picture, there is a wave form on the screen, to a sudden drop out, a spike and then a sudden drop out. This image shows and picks up a change in the sensor as the sequoia is idling indicating that there was a change in the circuits state that probably should not have happened under normal load. The graphing of the voltage quickly lets you visualize a problem that more than likely would not have been seen on a standard multimeter.

The N2 has a 600V Cat III AC/DC Voltmeter on board. Now there are both the standard measurement ranges of 1000 mv to 600V but thereis also an auxiliary voltage meter on board that is meant for measuring sensitive circuits and low noise floors enabling for testing of electronics (150mV to 1000 mV). The speed of the voltmeter although theoretically 8Khz only cycles at 4Khz per channel (4000 samples per second). Which allows us to get a great picture of what we are testing/ looking at. In the image shown we were able to catch a minute change and display it within the graph quickly and simply.

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