Texas Style Mobile Tool Dealer & Mechanic Beef Jerky

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Texas Style Beef Jerky


The B.U.L.K Texas Style jerky is some of the cleanest, delicious, flavorful and experiential beef jerky I've ever had. The Rip and Chew Style really lets me feel like I am eating a hearty and full piece of beef. Having been the first jerky from BULK that I had, there is a special relationship between me and this jerky. It has been one of the best selling jerkies I have had the opportunity to carry, it has been the only Jerky I purchase for personal consumption by the pound and it is the only jerky I actually buy for my family and my 2 year old.

The Texas Style beef jerky uses the Top Round cut of the cow. Although there are more premium cuts, the experience you get from biting into a substantial piece of meat, ripping it apart and using your actual muscle and jaw strength to hear and feel the ripping of the muscle fibers and fat is something that is primal yet satisfying. With flavors ranging from original, to garlic and hot to turkey original & Turkey Hot and spicy there is a flavor variety for everyone that enjoys a good clean jerky but is also in need of a meal, clean and lean protein, high energy snack, satiation helper or just flat out hunger remover.

There are no carbs in this jerky because BULK uses only spices and wood smoke to flavor this. The folks over at BULK have been making this product out of the Whittington facility in Texas for over 50 years. That's plenty of time to perfect this rip & chew cowboy style jerky. It's so good I've actually shoved a few sheets into my pocket and just ripped at it throughout the day!

The B.U.L.K Texas Garlic Jerky will bring you back to the cowboy days. A thin whole muscle cut jerky hand made in Texas, in 3 oz, 1 lb, and 3 Lbs sizing. The pieces are nice and thin, like no jerky you have had before, with a subtle pleasant garlicy undertone. These are mesquite smoked in a wood fire smoker for 16 hours to get the perfect dried jerky texture.

Here are some reviews left by real customers on the BULK Website:

“Some of the best I've had...

I really love the Texas style original and garlic both. They both have a great chew and the brine apparently has very little sugar in it so it's really dry, and lacks the offputing stickiness of most other varieties of jerky. It's an excellent choice for snacking.”


Great.. got the 1lb texas hot ..2 days later ordered more..need anything else be said.

Texas Style Jerky

It was definitely a positive purchase! Absolutely the best Jerky going!!! My fellow co-Worker certainty enjoyed the flavor and texture. Will definitely purchase the jerky in the near future. A-1 !!!

Good Jerky

Good jerky. I bought 3# ‘s and finished it off last night. Best jerky I’ve ever had.


Good old west jerky is hard to find. Tried the hot and the garlic both good

Tom Vermeulen
Good, hot, tough classic style jerky.

Tough, hot jerky. No sugar. Best hot jerky you'll find, without sugar anyway. This is the tough stuff though, don't expect any soft processed textures here.


Love this jerky.best I’ve had in a long time!

good stuff!. rip and chew IS real jerky. thanks.

good stuff texas jerky as it should be. prices and quality comparable to local custom butchers and no need to drive there. thanks

Rip n Chew the best

Tried several different brands, styles and jerky companies and this one is my favorite. I prefer the tough chewy jerky over moist tender jerky. While BULK offers a variety of jerky, the Texas hot jerky is by far my favorite. Tough and chewy with flavor. Doesn't get much better than that. Will be the only jerky I order from now on.


Tough - like it should be

This was a great style, I really enjoyed the flavor and texture. It was a tough jerky you had to work on for a bit. Nothing soft or moist about this one! 

Texas Style Garlic Jerky

The flavor is good but on the mild side of garlic. Good & chewy & medium sized planks/slabs. If you do not like to work your jaw this is not for you.

Best jerky

Love the flavor.

Steve Maag
Great jerky

This is great jerky, love the flavor spicy, but not over-powering and like the large slabs. It is more chewy, I am not a fan of the soft jerky. Wish it didn't cost so much to ship and don't seem to have the 1/3lb available very often, so good the 1lb and 3lb sell out!

The best jerky got chew and good flavor
Cliff Wong
Bulk Delicious

Flavor is very bold, tasty and natural. Very satisfying!

This is a traditional rip and chew jerky style, but it melts in your mouth after a couple of chomps and you will not be disappointed.

Ingredients: Beef, seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrate), spices and flavoring.

B.U.L.K Beef Jerky provides premium, gourmet jerky to the World. We hand select and taste test all of our products to provide the best quality jerky there is. We understand that we have a premium price tag, but as soon as you try any of our recipes, we know you will keep coming back for more.

  • Made in Texas for the past 50 years
  • 3 oz sizing
  • Large jerky sheets
  • Thin whole muscle round cut
  • Hand cut and slow smoked for 16 hours
  • MSG Free and no fillers
  • Made in Texas


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BULK Beef Jerky, Mobile Tool Dealer Jerky, Mechanic Jerky, Texas, Hot Jerky, Spicy Jerky, Best Jerky, Garlic Jerky

BULK Beef Jerky, Mobile Tool Dealer Jerky, Mechanic Jerky, Texas, Hot Jerky, Spicy Jerky, Best Jerky


You can find the original product pages at bulk here or you can learn more about wholesale here


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