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This is an update on the mechanics and efforts to help out our Automotive Community. Thursday November 14th a fire near Antigo, WI destroyed more than just property. Seven mechanics lost their jobs and their tools with this devastating fire. There is never a good time for a fire, however with this loss happening so close to the holidays it is leaving an even bigger impact. This is a tough loss for the mechanics, not only did they lose their jobs, they also lost their tools. Tools are a necessity in the mechanical repair field. The replacement cost will be a tremendous undertaking, especially with an unexpected loss of income. Insurance is not going to cover even a fraction of what was lost. Please donate what you can to help our fellow mechanics recover from their loss. They enjoy the work they do and would like to return to the automotive repair field. Please respect the privacy of the mechanics and business owner by avoiding direct contact. JJ and Liz from Northwoods Tools are organizing this fundraising effort to help with replacement costs.


Joshua : Hey Thanks so much Jonathan I really appreciate you joining us here today

this is actually  a first have not really ever done this before so I apologize for everyone 

if there's any technical difficulties if quite literally you're all just see  in a blank screen 


Sorry but we think we're working on it here and I'm just folks know what we've asked John 

To do here is come together and give us an update with everything going on out there and 

correct me if I if  I'm saying this incorrectly "Antigo is that how you say " Antigo Wisconsin


Jonathan : Antigo Wisconsin


Joshua: Antigo Wisconsin


Joshua : Everything going on with you know those seven mechanics that sucks.

I know I sent you a bit of a list of you know things folks might want to know but I think it'd be

cool to get an updated out for everyone who's either given or been questioning whether or not

to give on this other directly to the Go Fund Me page    ----------------------------------------


There been  amazing sponsors of getting into the raffle that's all  gonna be benefit the

Mechanics. So I'll go ahead and turn it over to you and let you know you're a little bit about what

it is that guys wanted to say?


Jonathan : Okay so we had to fire up the Northwoods  couple of weeks ago and it was at a transmission shop so they did everything on automobiles from  work too but they specialize on 

Transmissions they actually service the Miriam 200miles and radius from their area they did a lot with transmission for everyone in the Northwoods so many 

people have reached out to me to find out where to get their Transmission done all those one is 

going to it was our number one  transmission repair shop in the Northwoods


Joshua : Ohh Wow!


Jonathan : So with the fire the seven mechanics and the shop owner lost everything but work 

concentrating a mechanics because the shop owner has an insurance and that is covered.


The Big question everyone has out there. 

Why is the shop owners insurance covering the mechanics?

Well we've done a lot of research into this and a must of mechanics actually  has a tools catalog pictured So that it goes through the shop owners insurance or the shop order for Violet there's

no insurance for a mechanical there for their tools it actually in their own responsibilities.


Now everyone has well insurance recovering well that's not the case because with homeowners if it's located off premises. Homeowners does not cover any personal tool in a shop.

So mechanic really get a catch-22 that's absolutely horrible that they are responsible for their

tools in shop but they don't have a lot of insurance their ass. 

Out of the 400 shops that I deal with.

We only have one shop that actually Coliawards Tool so on a yearly basis to cover insurance for those employees. It's super weird to have tool insurance for the employees


Joshua : Yeah!


Jonathan:So that One of the biggest things  I got from this week.

How little happens for guys with insurance or not have insurance and it's a  question that most guys never going to the shop say our my tools and shirt.


Joshua: Yeah! No Absolutely...

Jonathan: It just my something that we have to look at in the future  but i also want to bring this kind of down the personal level.


I'm going to take one guy from the transmission shop so we got seven employees arrangements 

22 years old up to 62years old so we got  a 22 years old to 24 years old at 36,38, 58,62 the guys don't want to mention by name  and its own privacy and I respect that hundred percent.


Joshua: Yeah!

Jonathan : But I'm gonna  focus in one guy, 38 years old, Married, 2 boys, 13 and 15 years old. His family actually paying for them to get from middle of Wisconsin over minnesota so  can be there for thanksgiving


The outburn is huge  but is you know if we don't work hard  things we don't get to where we need to get.


Realized that these seven guys you know they're used a 600-700 dollar paycheck a week There now on our employment there down current 300 parks a weeks and 

barely  cover branch mortgage, utilities, and its absolute pressure at this time of year.


Joshua : Wow! That is  definitely a lot of going in there and Wow! we just truly amazed at how you able to put all of this together and definitely the information on such a short notice that you put together here it is amazing and I'm sure those guys are very grateful to you.

Jonathan : I talked to the shop owner and I told him since you have an insurance covered.

You take care and rebuild and you come out of  it that's fine.

I says but In the short term  we have to concentrate in mechanics because they lost their job, they lost the tools. 


Now,  without the tools they also lost the ability to get a job because they don't have an excuse to go into a place to stay at the ready to go all of these guys are very good technicians i can walk in and say yes i can do this job but without having the tools it's very difficult to get the job.


Aside for monitoring things   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You really think about You know how much money goes out at this time of year.

Jonathan : So that's kind of focusing on to make sure that guys to take care off. 

We've been working hand and hand with different businesses in the area to train find them jobs


We were able to connect with one, one has sense got a job but ------------- doing.

He is now a tool truck driver but he really wants to back in  mechanics field.


All seven have express that  "YES' they go back to mechanics field we do have one, 62 years old that is a good way to retire but the wife's gonna kill me. 


He gonna try and get break  back to it you know ride out for last three years. it's 62years old think about this way.

He has been collecting tools for 42 years and that is an amazing amount .


Rasgas is whereas   made in this is between 30,000 and 75,000 dollars worth of  tool lost.That is straight up lost. There not have any of that  covered.


We're  asking for a  20,000 dollars on the Go Fund Me page and that's just a fraction of what really needed.

Joshua: Gotcha! Wow that is A

It more than I thought. 

I  knew when you  i spoke to you over the phone you mention probably that about 20 thousand per technicians


But your right I mean this guys collecting tools for years . Maybe they're same  things mean anymore and how it can get back.

Jonathan: Correct!


Joshua: Wow that's  just really a shame. You know that believe me and not that it's the most important thing but the day figure out how the fire started.


Jonathan: It's also Speculation because it was such a hot fire and they had  could down to come in with the biggest extended the whole back home and not a bunch  of stuff over there is no true cause how it has happened.


Everyone speculation that it could be electrical, it could be a heater in the shop something like that. It happens thankfully i believe it was at 5:40 in the morning  before he was there is a guys started 7 and it was an amazing the fire heat this generated when you look at the pictures for the tools even enclosed lock tool boxes everything  is melted there is not one tool

that we found yet that is truly salvageable because it heat treated everything to point that they would take a socket and impact socket ( strikefire) i can't even  listen to spin the shadow' 

it's that high of a heated  but have a lot of transmission fluid, lots of  you know you think oxygen settling.


Totally set, their all in there everything was impossible wet so and it was a complete loss for the guys


Joshua: Yeah that's crazy! That’s  Absolutely, 

Joshua : My  hearts go out to them and that's why we're  help spread the world is best

we can here with different want to help out with that because we know that time  , the year alone like this is not an easytime for that but this is their livelihood literally  really just had go up and smoke so you know everything you're doing and 

I do have a list your that you sent  me folks we want to give shout outs too before we wrap up but i just Goss!!   is just insane in and I'm so grateful for what you're doing here

Jonathan: Get back when you can


Joshua: Yeah Absolutely, I do   have a list of sponsors that you know you sent me the other day folks that have come forward it to help out before i read that officer anything else that you wanted to talk about a bring up or ask you know the general public at hearing at probably only about  20 people watching right now but that number will grow throughout the day as the recording gets it’s replay.

Jonathan : I run my own snap on  franchise called northwood tools. 


I cover in amazing area I’ve got the 3,000 different customer see  on a weekly basis and ever want to see any of my guys go through this again.




Jonathan: So please help what you can.

                 The donations, The raffles Joshua - Curien.

                  I can’t thank you enough. Expect Truly amazing

Joshua:  Wow were  just here to help know  you whether through this  organization or independently

However we’re going to try and do our best to do what we can here and you know  cheer point on you guys, You know you got 3000 that’s pretty done this customer base but  there’s a lot of options out there

We ask run a million million half of mechanics in the US and tier point i have no idea   what the insurance coverage your numbers are but I do know we have a partner of ours a friend of ours check Eaglestone at Utah he run  allstate office in there and I've been talking to him about this you know what is tool insurance out of folks you know will get that I'm hoping to do another broadcast like this with him.


Where he can  go over tool insurance and  definitely within bringing back in on it but to your point mechanics. You guys need to own  insurance is literally your likelihood. Type of nap a box.


That there's a fire and i just like a situation like this where insurance isn't gonna to cover you from the building or the facility or you know you had homeowners in that was covering is not, that all goes up in smoke and don't get me wrong..


Like we'd love to try to help if that happened you do but now those kind of thing doesn't happen everyday and couldn't say.


So I ask chat to going together some info and hopefully we can put pin in the post them below you know how to get to tool assurance.


Hopefully we  get a Q&A but definitely leave you guys' questions in the comments here and we can we can try to do another little video on that after the fact that     I mean nothing will 

get anything from it is just out here to help you get you guys  for the info that you would need. Okay!!


Jonathan : Yap

Joshua: Anything


Jonathan: Yeah as the week goes on.

I try to Focus on now we'll do another video and where to focus on each  different guy.

one guy  damn in all 38 yrs old married two kids, house, mortgage 

I mean you know I think about  that just one person.


Joshua :Yeah exactly. 

You know I’m --

Just to give a quick update i guess we as of this morning i think we have $1300 in raffle tickets purchased now because of the way paypal works we've only got $300 that right now.  


It's waiting for the I guess the 7-day period to pass before we get the money on the ones we get that you know will get with you and figure out were descended directly i think on the Go

Fund Me as of this morning we were 18-19 hundred dollars so that's a little over $3000 we got  there so i know it's Thanksgiving coming up is there a way to distribute that you guys quickly or are we trying to help anybody have a thanksgiving dinner here or is that all covered for the guys.

Jonathan :the way I look at the least we can get the numbers up on the Go Fund Me.

We will make sure that i was taking care off. I'll  dive into my pocket but you make sure that the 

taking care about to go find me right now because I know that there is a leg of about seven days profunds but we will make sure taking care for thanksgiving.

Joshua : Perfect! I would pledge the same thing for our for a raffle page.

I know it is good for its all even if it was i will go ahead and fund it too.

Let me know how to get it to you directly and then we'll get them taken 

care off.



We can do that. 

Also like the some at shout out i know my shop owners are going to be watching this but i am one shop owner.

He challenged the rest of my shop owners and said here's my hundred dollars if at all of you guys are doing this problem and the outburn for sport are huge in the northwoods.


We have collected at all just additional money on top of the Go Fund Me page those unrecorded things.


So I want to come out there that we have more that happening but honestly, guys there is not enough to go around.

Joshua :No nope we have seven full family 

There is quite a lot that we need to do on and you know when I can stop here.

I  know the raffle working be doing it until the 18th of december or $20,000 past   and you know

obviously we can go past that but at least until the 18th of december is we can do the raffle.


On raffle we had actually quite an awesome amount of outpoint from some 

manufacturers even independent  tool dealers and i hope i'm saying the right 2TA

forestville california has given a  Milwaukee given 2993 half inch 

impacted, 3/8 inch impact a kit as a raffle prize. 


ToolTimeTools has given a 38  extended reach ratchet with an M12 battery  and M12 angle dye grinder with an M12 battery and  also couple tool box with its for that.

We had accompanied by the name of pork beef jerky they’re gonna give  a pack of 

products for, You know, one of the prizes plug phones is giving out there premier industrial

Line Bluetooth, safety ear plug,Tool  box with it itself is that the pen is offering 20 kits

I think it was 14 rent organizers and  six screwdriver organizers as a prize and as Curien 

we are also doing it at Milwaukee M12 angle of choice impact study impact  kit is one of the prices. 


So I name in all the prizes just for the guys know when you buy a raffle ticket you're gonna get thrown in   for some of that.


So i will for all of it actually so please feel free if you're not comfortable with donating to  Go Fund Me you want to see something to back a little bit on your dollars they have a chance at winning some of they're all goes to it a good cause and i just talking to do a couple of shout outs   Jonathan you mention to me Apex tool group is gonna be step up and we don’t know what yet but Apex Tool Group gonna step up to give what they can to help out these technicians streamlight this step 31 Incorporated, Data Tools, Netfix, JPW Industries, Integrated Supply Network, Nowacki Tool itself, Worth tools, BeBlaster, and SP Air on beyond that are super test for who message me directly going to be sending some equipment to Charlie Junior thereto in to be able to help   mechanics get back i on their feet beyond that was there anyone else that you had to ever wanted to give a shout out too.


Jonathan:SnapOn tool as well they have offer some amazing deals for mechanics but the bad part they don't have the ability to buy right now. Instantly,  given them 50% off any tool box that they want. The problem honestly this guys can’t afford to do it right now because they don’t have a job.

Personally, myself I am donated my entire  tool set as ----------------------------------------------------

He has tools right away 


Joshua : Ohh that’s Great!


Jonathan: That’s the top part  we got to find a jobs meantime we  train supplement wages and build up tools set for all the guys. Bit shout out every last one of the two manufacturers out there Apec, SnapOn. You guys been awesome nim packs I cannot lived this folks.

Joshua: Absolutely! Absolutely!


There's also some folks here that we haven't mentioned in this on our side there's been about 47 people who bought raffle tickets I notice top of the gofundme there's at least 22 people, 23 people and we haven’t   mentioned you by name here yet but i'm sure will think of something to you guys shoutouts here and will continue to do as you guys to continue the outreach outpouring of blessings into these families of you know and I know people here are you  folks were giving or expecting anything to return up but is best as possible we want to try and give you some sort of recognition for amazing generosity during this time of the year just amazing generosity . 


And pretty cool  I think you mentioned that on a  few posts with that folks in canada you know we're here to california this florida folks, there's some folks in europe with donated  got a few folks in Australia who donating..  This is becoming almost a World Wide thing  which is really really cool.


This community of you know auto enthusiasts in and mechanics and  industrial professionals is coming together for this so very awesome guys.


Jonathan: Awesome!


Joshua: Well if you don't have anything else john you know  i will go ahead and end this put up

a recording version little bit later anything else you like to add before we sign off.

Jonathan: Thank you for your time.

Thank you for all your help. You been an instrumental.

I owe my hero on a daily basis trying to get everything point and You taken out months load off me the way to get all the technological stuff done and Help out  with this.


 I can't thank you enough.


Joshua: oh men were trying and 

Were appreciated john and you know, we would have been here do this without you

Start it all  thank you so much 

We talk to you guys later. Have a Good one.


Jonathan:  Thank you

Joshua : Bye2



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